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Based on Chef Marc Forgione’s now famous Chili Lobster, Lobster Press is a hot pressed Lobster sandwich served with a side of chili lobster sauce. Our lobster is hand picked every morning off the coast of Maine and each Lobster Press contains fresh, never frozen, tail, knuckle, and claw meat.


Lobster Press was born out of the friendship between Chef Marc Forgione and Jordan Elkin and Brian McGovern of Homarus.  Homarus provides lobster to many of the top restaurants in New York City but Marc’s Chili Lobster has always been one of their favorite dishes using their lobster. Marc met Jordan and Brian in the early years of Restaurant Marc Forgione and from the beginning he felt a connection with them as, on top of being crazy for crustaceans, they’re two pretty funny guys as well. When the opportunity arose for Marc and Homarus to collaborate together on a project, they immediately came up with the idea of creating a sandwich based on their favorite decadent, spicy lobster dish.


As soon as the Lobster Press dream became a reality, one of Marc’s former line cooks, Chance Perkins, jumped at the opportunity to run the new concept. While working at Restaurant Marc Forgione, Chance would often make delicious sandwiches for the staff after service and often proclaimed his love for anything between two slices of bread. Thus our Daily Sandwich special is named “The Chance” after our “Señor Torta.”  Call us or check Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see what The Chance of the day is!